American Sergeant saves soldier From IED Bomb, But horribly Injured

Nelson was an American Staff Sergeant in Kabul Afghanistan in 2007. He was 34 years of age, and that day, he was going back home. He had gotten away harm in various attacks, wonderfully and miraculously. In any case, that day, Sergeant Nelson was the victim of a shocking assault that changed his life until the end of time.


T.Nelson was made a beeline for camp when a Toyota swerved before his Humvie. The auto driver flipped a switch, and the auto, the driver inside, exploded. Sanders spared his partner’s life by protecting him. BUT, Sanders was not all that fortunate. As indicated by Find Magazine:

“The explosive force crushed his  face skeleton and cracked his right leg. Shrapnel and glass tore through his legs, sinus cavity and right eye, and twisted like a corkscrew through his right cheek. A fireball hotter than molten rock seared his right side from the bottom of his foot to the top of his crown, burning all his face nearly through to the bone.”

Nelson has gotten various facial recreation surgeries to spare his life. His facial bones and dissolved skin must be worked on, and he must be spared various times from conceivably dangerous infections. He got a facial transplantation, that has changed his life! If it’s not too much trouble keep on praying for this man, and all the specialists and doctors how saved him!

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