Have You Seen This Dark Beauty Before What Do You Know Senegalese Melanin Goddess

Have You Seen This Dark Beauty Before What Do You Know Senegalese Melanin Goddess

 when she left Senegal she realize that her skin is unusual that. Model and enjoying college student and “Instagram” star khoudea Diop, black and copper-colored skin like a dark  night, a color you do not find only rarely in the movies or on the covers of magazines .
Even Diop (19 years) themselves do not find the right words to describe the color of her skin wish is  extraordinary unique because of the Senegalese Melanin Goddess. Sometimes she says jetty, and at other times blue.

But the pride of the Senegalese girl glittering color of her skin and her pride, gave a lesson for those wishing to get rid of their identity, and to attract to her  “Instagram” account hundreds of thousands of followers, most of them are women. she use the hashtag #blackgirlmagic wish shows how much she is proud of her skin .Have You Seen This Dark Beauty Before What Do You Know Senegalese Melanin Goddess

Diop participated in a campaign photos with black skinned women  in a project that aims to challenge human standards of beauty that is proud in white and condemns black beauty .
She said: “I found out during my stay in Italy that my skin is dark to a degree unusual compared to others, and promote this awareness I have during my high school in France. Became the face desirable for photographers and fashion designers, and gradually I realized that I could be inspired by many of the world uses a skin-lightening products heavily unrivaled, “according to an interview made by the site npr.org.
She pointed out that she don’t share this unique color of the skin with her family except her brother only. Unfortunately, as she said that people in her country and other people have dreamed only of white skin.

she confessed that she thought to use skin-lightening products, but they retreated after she discovered that her black color it’s very special.
Senegalese Model came under some pressure because of the dark color of her skin, and the funniest thing I heard from some people is “Darky,” but that it did not shake her confidence in her selves.
Diop and is currently studying business administration in New York City, and has participated in fashion shows, and is cooperating with the agencies to encourage girls with black skin to face the public.
The anthropological studies have shown that skin color in Senegal, near the equator, it is the blackest in the world because the dark pigment melanin protects against sun damage and the UV.


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