how was london like in 19th century, Poor streets donkeys and children wiping shoes


Most Britons, and probably more than 95% of the residents  of london , do not know the basis of the word London where it came from, and most of them unaware of how life was too much hard and difficult in the past Covenant Victorian period and prosperous empire widespread in the late nineteenth century, in particular, where it was some inhabitants sell and move on mules and donkeys, and children wiping shoes in the streets, and the doctor opens their clinic on the sidewalk, and most of people cloths are already  Used.

how was london like in 19th century

worckers in sterilization against rodents and insects, for a fee of 5 pence per hour, and the shops selling used.

Images from the archives of the Bishopsgate Institute Cultural Institute in London, and taken by a Scottish was a celebrity, and rich and prominent at his time , especially after a trip to China, the images in some of its cities and towns, her daily life cycle, he was John Thomson died in 1921 at age of 84 years . The image of the British capital, published at 1878 in a book called “street life in London” using a series of topics by the British journalist Adolphe Smith in 1876 ,  with one for the cover of the book as it was completely in the first edition before 138 years. in center of the image below.

how was london like in 19th century

a picture of a London miserable and desperate old woman , looks from her features devoid of hope around everything, with a baby in her lap looking for some one to give her some money , the image below at left , a water seller wagon pulled by a mule in the capital of the British Empire, and it seems Victorian building model behind him he was going through in an upscale neighborhood when  John Thomson picked up his image in the street.

how was london like in 19th century, sad women

The oldest picture of a place in London, taken by an unknown in 1839 from downtown Tervlgar Square

The oldest picture of a place in London, taken by an unknown person in 1839 .


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