Liberal Colleges Students Ban Who Voted For Trump


Students Ban Who Voted For Trump : Liberal “safe spaces” have been springing up the nation over after Donald Trump’s electoral race a week ago. That, as well as huge challenges have continued throughout the previous two weeks, in which school and secondary school students have skipped class to dissent Trump’s election.

At the College of Penn (which is Trump’s alma mater) one student portrayed the safe spaces as being like kindergarten. ‘Student Daniel Tancredi reported that the general population who went to were “fearful” about the consequences of the decision of american people in the elections. “Generally, students just hung out and ate snacks and made casual discussion,” Tancredi told The School Alter. “Obviously, “ that was in addition to coloring and playing with the animals.

Stanford additionally messaged its students that psychological counseling was accessible for students with “instability, outrage,  anger ,nervousness as well as dread” about the decision. The College of Michigan additionally opened up a space for students to have “sustenance and play,” including ” Coloring sheets, play batter , positive card-production, Legos and rises with your kindred law understudies.” Would you be able to trust this?

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