Most Empathetic Countries In The World, This Can Surprise You

A team of researchers of Michigan state university realized this study, wish  concluded the ranking of world countries basing on most empathetic peoples , the study has collected data from more than 100 000 citizen across more than 60 of world countries, this study has ranked united states at seventh place of the list, the first country and most empathetic countries was Ecuador , followed by Saudi Arabia then peru.

Lithuania was at the last place of the rank, this study has measured persons tendency to imagine point  of view of others.

This study based on a surveys on internet completed by 104,365 person from all world countries, researchers say that their study to date  it’s the most comprehensive data about empathy in all over the world.

The study has linked between personality traits and feelings of empathy, and social background, and how much people are ready to volunteering and to make donations.

In this list the top 10 empathetic countries:

  1. Ecuador
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Peru
  4. Denmark
  5. United Arab emirates
  6. Korea
  7. United states
  8. Taiwan
  9. Costa rica
  10. Kuwait

A countries like Lithuania and Venezuela and many eastern Europe countries where ranked with the lowest empathy scores.

Researchers asked volunteers for the surveys to answer some questions about individualism and collectivism ,  to test their tendency to be motional or individual ,and how much sympathy they share with people less fortunate than them.

They were also asked about how much they have donate to organizations , and how much they donate, and about the  happiness in their life.

So the study showed that countries with high scores of collectivism , were higher in empathy.

The survey was by English , and researchers say that the study was just a snapshot , and the empathy concept is different from each country to country.

the study was a commun work of : Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA University of Chicago, IL, USA and Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA , the abstract.