Netanyahu and trump

Netanyahu tells ministers not to talk to Trump’s people

Tzachi Braverman ,The Cabinet Secretary  , has sent a letter to ministers instructing them not to make any contact with the new Trump administration,this is according The reports of Walla the Israeli news website . and the question that must be asked is WHY Netanyahu decline to visit Trump prior to the inauguration? , as the story is involving.

Netanyahu is dealing with a different president with Trump and he knows this  ,and knows that all Trump’s pandering to Israel and to Jewish interests means nothing and that all the ‘normal rules’ as far as Judaic control of American elected officials do not apply in this case. There simply has never been a case similar to this, of a Prim Minister telling his people not to have any contact with a new administration, and if those who consider themselves ‘experts’ in this movement fail to see the significance of this development, then perhaps you shouldn’t quit your day job in the hopes of being a professional analyst of modern day political events.

according Times of Israel:

The letter instructs ministers to run any contact through the Prime Minister’s Office or Israeli Embassy in U S A.

A copy of the letter is tweeted by reporter Tal Shalev.
Netanyahu orders ministers not to make any contact with Trump administration without coordination with PMO or Amb Dermer .

Earlier this week, the Breitbart website published a letter written by Israeli Agriculture Minister to Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, thanking him for his support of Israel.

Bannon has been roundly condemned by many Israeli and Jewish groups for his alleged support of the white nationalist alt right movement.

Sunday night, Bannon was at a New York gala hosted by the Zionist Organization of America, where Education Minister Naftali gave a speech. However, Bannon did not show up at the event.


Last week, Netanyahu instructed his government not to give a public speech about the elections, though several ministers have praised Trump in the media for his supposed support for Israeli activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as his promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.