Scientific Study : Bald Men Are Sexier And More Masculine

A recent scientific studies found that bald men are more attractive for women and perceived to be more masculine and stranger, so if you are a bald man never worry about hiding you bald head , because your balding can be profitable , according to this scientific study do not hide your baldness , make it useful .

american hair loss association said that more than 66% of men at least loss some of their hair and 50% of them loss most of their frontal hair, hair loss can start at the age of 18.


instead hiding your baldness it’s advised to shave it at the same rate of your face, most of famous actors do this , and generally it an amazing way to make your face handsome.

at your first signs of hair loss it’s advised to shave your hair for many reasons , this help you to adapt with your future look , and helps to avoid losing more hair.

in first baldness days many men experience an high levels of stress and disappointment about their look, just after few months later they accept this baldness and adapt with shaved head.

for women bald men are sexier and attractive according to this academic study , they also reported their preference of facial hair on men.

at all the most important is , also bald men are so handsome.