Volunteer Help To Protect The Nation’s Borders

Volunteer Help To Protect The Nation’s Borders , He said It Is His Duty

IMAGE From USA. Arizona. November 16, 2016. James, 24, a volunteer with Arizona Border Recon, stands near the U S A-Mexico Border in Pima County. The college student said he felt it is his duty to help protect the nation’s borders. “There’s evil going on here,” hesaid.


Arizona Border Recon, made up mostly of former U.S. military service members, stages reconnaissance and surveillance operation against drugs smuggling and illegal migration in remote border areas. The group claims up to 200 volunteers and does not consider itself a militia, but rather a group of citizens supplementing U.S. Border Patrol efforts.

ALSO a militia group call it self Minutemen  announced earlier this month that he has begun planning for the event, -Operation Normandy- between Volunteer Help To Protect The Nation’s BordersSan Diego, California and Brownsville, Texas to protect the us borders Jim Gilchrist is the founder of this group, he said their duty is to protect us from evil behind walls and avoid an expected invasion.

the Minutemen militia send volonteers to armed borders and host treir treining sessions . according the co-founder :

the operation normandy will take 10 months to recruit and organize and launch the event.

Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

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