why To Love Chocolate Read This 10 Reasons

i love chocolate and Chocolate it’s some ting more than wonderful , with the special taste you can say that chocolate is the best taste you can try, for me I have a very strong relation with this delicious food, and you too I thing you do , this is normal , in this article I will show you 10 reasons to love chocolate, and even more.

1 – great pleasure:

pleasure with melting chocolate in the mouth:


Fore time more pleasurable than kissing , chocolate can give you this pleasure.

2 – it kills pains :


Scientific studies showed that chocolate has a great effect on pain .

 3 – it make you happy:

chocolate has a positive impact on Neural activity , like cocaine , but not that much, it make you sense happiness .


4- Friendly to Teeth


and not like all Sweets, chocolate its safe to your teeth

5- avoide hearth failure:

In a study by the Swedes, it found that people who eate chocolate only three times per month are less likely to develop heart failure by 26 percent.

6- contain caffeine :

chocolate Contain caffeine thant can keep you awake.

7- protect you from cholesterol :

Cocoa is a constituent material for chocolate, is associated with low levels of lipoprotein low density. This is an important feature to protect the liver from the high levels of cholesterol.

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8- love pleasure :

Eating chocolate releases Phenylethylamine hormones that your body make when you are in love.

9- lovely gift :

 that every body love

10- be helthy:

300 identifiable chemical element that can provide amazing health benefits for your body.